Monday, April 29, 2013

Chelsea's chances in finishing in top four

Here is the analysis of Chelsea finishing in top four

The games Arsenal have to face
QPR- Away
Wigan Athletic- Home
Newcastle UnitedAway

The games Tottenham Hotspurs have to face
Southampton- Home
Chelsea- Away
Stoke- Away
Sunderland- Home

The games Chelsea have to face
Manchester United- Away
Spurs- Home
Aston Villa- Away
Everton- Home

If Arsenal wins all three, they will have 73 points. To overcome Arsenal, Chelsea must win 3 of 4 games. If Spurs wins all the four games they will have 74 points. To overcome Spurs, Chelsea have to win only 3 of 4 games (In this situation they will have same points but the goal difference of Chelsea is far more than Spurs). So in summary, if Chelsea win 3 of 4 games they will definitely finish in top four (3rd position). And if Chelsea beat spurs at the bridge, high chance that Chelsea will finish in top 4.

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