Tuesday, May 7, 2013

David Luiz: I was laughing at Man Utd fans not at Rafael’s red card

David Luiz has told his friend that his smile after going down under Rafael’s challenge on Sunday was because Manchester United fans were mocking at him.
Sir Alex Ferguson reacted with anger at Luiz’s part in Rafael’s sending off accusing the Chelsea defender rolling like a ‘dying swan’ and then pointing that he was grinning. “That is bad”. Fergie said. “What kind of professional is that?” Ferguson also complained that Rafael had been provoked by Luiz’s use of elbow prior to kicking out. Although Luiz was not disputed that he was smiling falling to the ground. He had pointed that it was in front of a baying collection of Manchester United fans.
 Luiz’s flamboyant style and flowing curly hair has prompted the moniker ‘Sideshow Bob’ after the character from the Simpsons and he could apparently hear that nickname, as well as some expletives from a group of Manchester United fans. David Luiz also insisted that laughing on others red card would be ridiculous and I was not intended to do so. My only fault is to smile by hearing my nickname from Manchester United fans which was somehow comedy.

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