Monday, May 27, 2013

Mourinho spotted in london

Jose Mourinho appeared to be back in London on Monday morning and was spotted by some eagle-eyed Chelsea supporters.
The Portuguese manager was seen at 9.30am in Imperial Wharf, Chelsea Harbour, walking along the riverbank with two other men - less than one mile away from Stamford Bridge. 

Chelsea fan Laith Al-Hashimi, with parents Sarra and Kussay, was having coffee on their balcony when they spotted him.
The manager went to Wembley to watch the Play-off Final between Crystal Palace and Watford, presumably to watch Chelsea youngster Nathaniel Chalobah, who plays for the Hornets on loan.
Sarra took the photo and Kussay called out to the former and future Blues boss.
They said that Mourinho looked up and waved back, but by the time Laith and Sarra went downstairs he had gone.
The area is very popular with Chelsea players and both Michael Essien and Andriy Shevchenko lived there.
Laith said: 'We saw him walking along just below our apartment and we knew it was Jose.
'My mum actually took the photo but it was definitely him. We ran down the stairs to try and say hello but by that point he'd gone.'
Kussay added: 'I'm a big Chelsea fan and have been for years so I knew it was him. He looked very casual as he walked along.
'I waved and called out to him, "Jose, welcome home!" and he looked up and waved back at us.'
Hello again: Mourinho could face Real Madrid in the summer with Chelsea
Mourinho is on collision course with Real Madrid as Chelsea could face the Spanish team in the summer.
The Portuguese manager, who has agreed a four-year deal worth more than £2.1m after tax each season, will move to his former side from the La Liga outfit in June.
Chelsea will play in an American tournament featuring Madrid in July.
It could prove to be a fractious match-up, given that Mourinho's tenure in Spain has ended in bitter acrimony, with verbal shots being fired both by him and club president Florentino Perez and many of his players turning against him.
Along with AC Milan, Inter, Everton, Valencia, Juventus and LA Galaxy and Madrid, Chelsea will participate in the Guinness International Champions Cup.

The Sun Life Stadium in Miami will feature two double-headers, the first of which is on July 27.
The fixtures are yet to be arranged to Mourinho could dodge his old charges if he is lucky.
Chelsea played a pair of post-season friendlies against Premier League opponents Man City in St Louis and New York last week.
Both were high-scoring and entertaining affairs, which the Blues lost 4-3 and 5-3 respectively.
David Luiz said he was excited about the arrival of the Special One. He said: ‘Everyone in football knows him. Many people say he’s great to work with.

'I follow football history and I know the history of Mourinho. He has huge credibility across the world and, of course, I’m excited when you are about to work with a very good coach.’
Demba Ba, like Luiz, did not play under Mourinho the first time the Portuguese was in charge at Chelsea but he, too, cannot wait for the experience to start.
‘I don’t know him but you see the way people talk about him, what he has achieved and the way he can turn a good player into a world-class player.
'If you work hard he helps you as your manager and gives you confidence. As a footballer that’s one of the most important things to have — confidence from everybody around you, and especially the manager. I guess he is one of those who can do this.

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