Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chelsea will be undefeatable team next season

As the transfer windows is yet to open there are many rumors regarding many players transfer to Chelsea next season. As it’s been a sure deal of Jose Mourinho return to his former club by the end of this season Stamford Bridge will get a strong and determinant leader. As for the squad the ongoing season is been upto only creating chances and only creating chances and missing to net the ball in some important games, it is obvious that Chelsea is lacking a good defender despite of its 50 million star Fernando Torres who had lost his form this season. By the arrival of Jose Mourinho it is certain that he will bring a strong attacking forward next season as Falcao and Lewandowski are dominating the wish list of Roman Abramovich. The goal difference of Chelsea is relatively high than its rivals which proves that in some games a different type of formation is set up, so that it becomes impossible to defeat this team but in some game it becomes a very dirty formation where any club possesses ability to defeat them. This is due to lack of acknowledgement and lack of ability to select the formation suitable for the team. As Jose Mourinho has been the boss of the Laliga Champions Real Madrid he has ability to fill that emptiness. There are two striker in the club but the formation is suitable for only one striker. But in some games when these both strikers played together it had been a best match to watch. They can really play together. Nowadays Torres had developed his new dribbling skills so that he can dribble in the box and assist for the goals so two striker formation is the most required formation which will be fulfilled by the arrival of Lewandowski or Falcao. 

Defending side can be easily controlled by players like ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, Azpilicueta and cole as mid part of the field is overarted with the three amigos, Hazard, Mata and Oscar. So it will become somehow impossible for other teams to beat Chelsea Next season!!!!

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