Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Torres and Falcao the greatest duo in football history?

Torres and Falcao together in the strike- It would be a lovely and exciting comment from the commentator when Falcao Joins Chelsea ace Fernando Torres. It is obvious that the Spaniard had lost his form in the mid of this season but he seems to be in form as he had scored 3 goals in three matches of Europa league and his dribbling speed seems to be improved better than ever. Falcao is the leading man in front of his former club Atletico and is good at his position.

As there are such strikers in a single club you can’t exclude any of them. So Chelsea should play in the formation of 4-1-3-2 as the mid part of the field is totally overcome by the trio MAZACAR (Mata, Hazard and Oscar). As Chelsea is lacking a good finisher Falcao can be the good option for it. Torres can dribble in the box and assists and Falcao can net into the goal. The good substitution of either Torres or Falcao is January transfer Demba Ba. As we have seen that the match where Ba and Torres played together was interesting to watch and fruitful for Chelsea. So it is also believed that the arrival of Mourihno and Falcao to Chelsea would be the biggest platform in English football.

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